About Us

The objective of our club is to promote and encourage family participation in snowmobiling and to promote and encourage the safe and responsible use of snowmobiles during the winter season.

THANK YOU Landowners!

We would like to extend a warm Thank You to all of the landowners who have given us permission to ride on their property. We understand access to their property is a privilege and we do not take that for granted. While riding on our trails please be respectful and obey local trail curfews.




Club Officers:

President:                    Don Rosinski              802-257-5442

Vice President:         Andrew Evans              802-579-8189

Trail Master:             Andrew Evans                "        "         "

Club Secretary:           Vacant, see Don

Treasurer:                     Steve Gardner           802-257-5005

Memberships:             Chris Parro                   802-257-4195